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 Mustang District Goals for 2009
  1. Membership
    1. Achieve a net increase of 10-15 boys per unit to get back to 2007 levels.
    2. Spring & fall recruiting within 95% of units in District.
    3. Start 6-10 new units by the end of the year, with focus on Wise County.
    4. Goal of 80% youth retention for each unit.
    5. Recruit 180 new Tiger Cubs District Wide, 250 new Cub Scouts.
  2. Finance
    1. Reach 2010 Friends of Scouting goal by "cleaning up" units (down about 20% from last year, $10-12K).
    2. Community FOS events - Decatur & Keller, Goal to raise $55,000.
    3. Popcorn/product sales team
      1. Train & target units who can grow from 1K to 5K in sales
      2. Establish & train popcorn kernels for 100% of units in the district
  3. Program
    1. Have a successful Day Camp with 325 kids in attendance at Bear Creek Park.
    2. Committee begin work on 2010 Camporee with designated Troop to help facilitate, build budget, reserve site.
    3. Premote majority participation in Council Summer Camps
    4. All units to have Twin Arrows participation.
  4. Advancement
    1. Continue facilitation of Eagle Scout Boards of Review.
    2. Merit Badge Counselor listings
    3. Monitor advancment, help with paper flow.
  5. Training
    1. 70% of all adult leaders trained in our District.
    2. Increase Wood Badge participation.
  6. Unit Service
    1. Achieve Centennial Quality Unit Awards for 70% of District Units.
    2. Ensure units are being visisted regularly and monitored for minimum of four visits.
    3. Ensure a minimum ratio of one Unit Commissioner per three units.
    4. Every unit served.
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